Learning skills and tiling our bathroom


We have learnt so many different skills during our tiny house build and tiling is definitely one of them!

For people who decide to build their own tiny homes, the skills and life lessons they would learn are huge! For us, we couldn’t afford the time to build our own house as well as work full time jobs so we have been lucky enough to have ours built by the incredible team at diyhousebuilding.com

The beauty of working with these guys was that the builders were happiest working with people not for them, which meant that they were happy for us to do parts of the build ourselves and if we didn’t know how to do something but wanted to give it a go they would teach us how to do it.

DIY House Building have been involved in a couple of tiny house building workshops in New Zealand so they are used to teaching novices! The latest workshop they are involved in is on this weekend in Tauranga hosted by Leo Murray – from Why Waste. They are teaching 15 people how to build a tiny house from scratch over two weeks! Check out the Facebook page here 

When it came ready for us to get the bathroom floor tiled, we decided to get a quote from a professional tiler, the quote came back in at 2k! So we decided that we would save the cash and learn to tile it ourselves. It couldn’t be too hard right?

The tiles were one of the first things we bought for the house. Willem works as an architectural designer and had seen them in the interior design department one day. We decided they were perfect for the space! The tiles are the Retro Range from Tile Warehouse.

We spent the next couple of weeks searching YouTube for tiling DIY videos. We borrowed some tiling tools from some friends and gave it a go.

It turned out great! Cutting and laying the tiles was easier than we thought and we love the result!



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