Cabinetry has arrived!

Our cabinetry arrived before Christmas and we are so thrilled with it! 

We have so much storage in this house that I sometimes worry that I may have over catered a wee bit! 

The stairs open up underneath with cupboards to hang some of our clothes. We have a huge kitchen! Lots of storage in the bathroom, draws in the sleeping loft, hanging cupboards in the study and the couch opens up for storage!

Once we have sanded and stained the floors we can install the cabinetry. We have picked out some great handles to go on them and can’t wait till everything is in place. 

Willem designed all the cabinetry himself and we got it made by a company called Wood World in Henderson. Shaye had previously used them for her Doris Jean Tiny House in Piha.

We pulled up the ply cover today that was protecting our macrocarpa floorboards while the build was going on. It was so nice to see the beautiful floor again! We are tiling the bathroom this weekend and then planning to sand and stain the floor so the cabinets can be installed. 

We can also now order our stair treads and benchtops! Woo hoo! So close to being a real house!


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