Waiheke and the big shed build


Happy new year everyone!

I know, I know, it’s nearly the end of January and this is the first post. Whoops!

We spent two weeks after Christmas camping on our section on Waiheke Island. We loved being able to spend a decent amount of time relaxing, soaking up the island lifestyle and exploring every nook and cranny of the section.

First things first though, we finally got to put up our letterbox that Willem built!

We pitched our tent on the driveway, cheered each other with a cold beer and celebrated New Years with my family who were staying down the road in a friends bach.

We spent the next couple of weeks clearing out dead trees and weeds by hauling and dragging huge bags full of it up the section and taking it to the tip. 20 trips to the tip all up! We met our lovely neighbours – both the animal kind and the human kind 🙂 and we completed the biggest job of all – building a shed that we had ordered so we could keep all our tools and camping/tramping gear in it won’t fit in the Tiny House.

(For more photos of our section and of Waiheke click on the photos section of our blog)

Also on our to do list was to contact everyone we needed to get remaining quotes from for all the work needing to be done on the section before the house arrives. We need a small retaining wall built, power to be connected, a few trees to be removed for access and a water tank.

And of course we spent New Years with our family and explored our new island home!

This is Palm Beach, our local beach. Only 10 minutes walk from home!

Every day, we would finish working on the section at 4pm, go for a swim at the local beach then head out for a drive around the island site seeing.

I love the Waiheke vibe. It suits us to a tee 🙂 We can’t wait to make it our home.

Our neighbour to our left is a lovely old man in his 80’s who’s lived there for 15 years. He has around 1.5 acres of land, 2 sheep, a huge vege garden, 2 roosters and countless chickens (he doesn’t even know how many he has!) Rodger the rooster wakes up at 3.30am. We heard him for the first few nights until our ears got used to him (thankfully). We later found out there are two roosters, and they talk to eachother, one goes off then the other.

There is a ginger cat that comes to visit for pats. His name is Paul.

And there’s a rogue blond chicken that scratches its way through the section and across into the neighbours. The 80 year old neighbour mentioned her one day and said “I’m sorry about her, I asked her to stay home but she prefers your side of the fence.” And he gave us a bag of beans from his garden.

We are back in the city now getting stuck into the tiny house build and we know that 2017 is shaping up to be the best year yet! I hope it is for you too!

There have been so many tiny house articles in the newspapers since Christmas. The media have really embraced them and they get a huge positive response from readers. I’m so happy to see so many lovely, happy and diverse people building themselves a tiny house! I hear about a new build going on every couple of days now. There is such a great community forming in NZ!



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