Towing Tiny for the first time!


Towing your Tiny House…

It’s a subject that brings fear and nervousness to anyone out there who has spent countless hours and dollars planning and building their Tiny Home. In my imagination, moving it didn’t seem like that big of a deal, until the day came to move it!

We had to tow the house 21 kilometers down the road (which involved a stretch of motorway!) for it to be weighed at the local refuse station. It needed to weigh under 3500kg to be road legal in New Zealand. We guessed we would almost be at the weight limit before we installed our cabinetry, so it was time to find out for sure. All bets were called in on what it would weigh.

We got rid of some of the stress and hired a professional tow truck company to do the job. We booked the same company that moved both of Shaye and Tom’s Tiny Homes. It was a relief to know they had experience moving them.

The route was going to be a bumpy ride. Uneven roads, country towns and even a bit of motorway. But we planned to go during the middle of a work day so there would be less traffic on the road.

Unfortunately Willem had to work the morning of the move but thankfully Mark – the owner of the warehouse in which we are building our home, Brenton our builder and Shaye were there to help. They did most of the work while I looked on, twitching like a nervous rabbit!

Step one was to wire up the lights on the trailer and get the house down from the blocks that were holding it up.

Once on the ground, the trailer was holding the Tiny House nicely. Our trailer doesn’t have wheel wells so it sits higher off the ground than some others.

After a quick photo or two, we were on the road!


Shaye was kind enough to drive me in her car following the house. It’s good to see how well it travels from behind and it stops other cars from tailing you. It was also a very welcome distraction travelling together, helping to ease both our nerves! 🙂

How did we not even think about these trees!

At this point in the driveway we stopped because there were some low hanging tree branches that prevented us from moving forward. Mark went back to grab a chainsaw and ladder so that Brenton could cut them down (TOP TIP: Highly recommend bring those things along with you!) Haha we hadn’t even left the driveway! (Sorry about your trees Mark!)

Brenton had to cut off around 4-5 of these sized branches so we could pass through. (Anyone still needing a Christmas tree?)
Squeeze in under the trees!
We’re finally through and on our way


Cruising down the highway

Everyone who has moved a tiny house before will tell you this, but when you are following your own house being towed, every power line looks so low!! Power lines along main roads are all built to be higher than the tallest trucks, I knew that and we passed under them fine, but they all look SO LOW and with the house flying towards them there were A LOT of hand over mouth moments!

The house moves pretty slow so it can cause a build up of cars behind it. Luckily, the cars that built up behind us on this trip all seemed like they were happy to follow us. We pulled over to let them pass and none of them did!


The motorway was the easiest part of the whole trip. The roads leading out of the warehouse and through the towns were all uneven and bouncy, but as soon as we hit the motorway the house towed beautifully.

At the weigh station


The lovely ladies working at the weigh bridge LOVED our house! They said they have had a few Tiny Houses across the bridge lately. One even said we could park it at her place any day!

We unhooked the house from the tow truck to get the final weight. We came in at 3440! Only 60kg under the road limit! It was a huge relief! We had a bit of extra weight in the house that can come out so all in all were about 150kg under. Enough to be able to install our tiles. We will have to install our cabinetry to be removable  for transport. When parked, the trailer can hold a lot more weight. The 3,500 kg limit is only for the house to be on the road. I think for the quality and stability of the home we have built we feel safe knowing that it is VERY well made, strong and it will last us for many, many years!

Total weight is   – 3440 kg –

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