Painting days! Thanks to Resene

img_9352I have never painted anything more than a picture. Honestly. Oh, maybe a fence with my dad when I was 7, but apart from that I’m a total novice with a paintbrush and I have to say that even after watching countless renovation shows and seeing contestants complain about all of the painting, I was totally naive about how much patience, time and MUSCLES you need to fill, sand and paint a house, EVEN if it is a tiny one!

One thing I have learned, is that you need quality paint and quality tools. If you have those two things, even if you are a novice painter, you can do a great DIY job.

We could NOT WAIT to get to the painting stage of the build!

We were extremely fortunate that Resene agreed to sponsor us all of the paint and stain needed for our Tiny House build. They have been fantastic! Advising us on what colours to choose, how to make the space seem bigger and longer than it is and matching us with the right products. They also have lots of great videos and how-to’s on their website ( DIY your home ) which we found really useful.

Super friendly and knowledgeable Patrick from the Victoria Park Store helping us with our order.

We were put in touch with a lovely lady named Nikki Morris who is a colour consultant for Resene. Nikki came out to visit the Tiny House to talk with us about our theme and what colours we were thinking about using. She took some of the flooring and ceiling wood back with her to the office so she could apply the different stains and send us a sample pack of what they would look like. Paint wise, she suggested to keep the walls as light and white as possible to make the space seem bigger. She also suggested some lovely colours for a feature wall in the lounge and another slightly darker feature colour behind the bed in the sleeping loft, this would visually push the wall back and make the loft seem longer. She said if we plan to keep the walls light and bright we can then add pops of colour with all of our belongings. Great advice!

All our goodies! We couldn’t wait to get stuck in! The two colour swatches stuck to the walls are our chosen feature colours: Resene Geyser for the lounge room and Resene Eighth Stonehenge for the bedroom loft.

We have a lot of wood in the house that we wanted to feature as much as possible without making the house look too dark. Wooden macrocarpa floors, beautiful cedar ceiling, macrocarpa bench tops and Lawson cypress beams – so much beautiful wood! It was a battle to choose what we could paint over and what we wanted to stain and feature. One thing was for sure, we LOVED our cedar ceiling and if anything, that would be the one thing we wanted to feature. We used a product called Resene Aquaclear, it gives the cedar the protection it needs as well as giving it a lovely satin gloss which bounces the light around beautifully! We were worried that any product we used on the cedar may make it  very dark but this product worked really well, we are so happy with the result and it was really easy to apply. Look how beautiful that shine is!

Look how beautiful that shine is!
We filled the gaps in the plywood walls with Selleys No More Gaps as it has a flex to it so when the house is on the road the filler won’t crack with any movement. Fill and sand, fill and sand… wax on wax off… 😉 haha, I have a new appreciation for painters! TOP TIP: You need some good loud music playing for this job!

For the walls, Nikki chose Resene Half Rice Cake. It is a beautiful creamy milk colour that makes the house look so luxurious! We still have a bit more painting to go, and we still have to apply most of the scotia and all of the skirting but oh my gosh as soon as the paint went on the walls it started looking like a house!!

Our cabinetry has now arrived and so has our storage couch! After Christmas we will be rushing to get the floors sanded and stained so we can install the cabinetry. Wow it looks great! We also have the tiling to do, so quite a bit to still get stuck into, but it’s coming together so well.

Check back here after Christmas to see what we will have done with the flooring 🙂

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Got to do the haka while you paint right! hahaha


Yay our storage couch is here! It opens up on lift away hinges so we can store clothing and linen in it. It’s very comfortable too!

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