Tiny house videos

I’ve been having fun with Instagram videos lately… I can’t post them on here unfortunately but join our instagram page to see them! #buildingtinyauckland

In other news… our tiny house has been moved out of the warehouse! YAY! It will now stay here while we fit out the interior. The warehouse is now being used to build tiny house number 2!


It’s awesome to see how much natural light comes though the windows and to be able to stand at a distance to see the true scale of the house. Oh and we got the keys to the front door now! That was very exciting.

We ordered our couch for the lounge room last weekend. It is custom made and opens up for storage space underneath. The couch will be made out of two sections that fit together, they open up with springs so you can store blankets and clothes inside. We also ordered lots of comfy cushions for it. We chose a material colour called ‘Brindle’ from Warwick. It is a dark brown with black and charcoal through it. It will look great with the wood in the house. We get to pick them up in a couple of weeks. The owner of the store we got the couches made from is keen to build his own tiny house after seeing our plans. Were convincing everyone to go tiny!



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