Reclaimed copper pendant light


Hey guys!

We have been working pretty hard getting all the little details ready for fitting out the last part of the tiny house! Getting close to the end now!

I knew when we started the build that I wanted to incorporate copper features into the house. It all started when we saw the copper crown head nails for the cedar cladding!

I had seen a beautiful copper pendant that I fell in love with online but it was over $800! I thought I could make one that was similar for a lot less so I scoured Trade Me for copper bowls and buckets to try and find something I could turn into a pendant light for the lounge.

I found someone selling the top of an old copper hot water cylinder for $60, It was really rustic and worn but it instantly got my attention as it already had the perfect shape for a light shade!

I bought it and got to work polishing it up. It has a beautiful colour underneath that was created from the water in the tank. It will throw the most gorgeous light once lit up! Mum walked past one night and said why are you polishing that old umbrella stand!? She couldn’t see my vision… haha. I think Willem was pretty skeptical too, but he knows well enough to let me get on with my crazy projects, weather or not they get completed is a different story!

Anyway, after polishing it up and seeing how gorgeous it was under all the dirt we took it to a lovely lady named Wendy from Calder Interiors in Auckland, she was going to help us finish it and turn it into a light! Wendy showed us all around the workshop where her and her husband create beautiful lighting for some pretty cool spaces! Their workshop was like Aladdin’s cave, bursting at the seams with all sorts of different materials, metals and bits and bobs that they fashion into wonderful one off pieces. She was full of enthusiasm and within 20 minutes she had created a vision for our beautiful light and hey presto it would be ready to pick up in one week’s time!

I love how it turned out! It will look so beautiful hanging from the cedar ceiling and it has a story to it!

Here are the evolution of pics…



The pendant has just been hung! We love it so much! Here are the pics…




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