Sarking is up and lights are in!


Hey guys!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last post some photos of the build (sorry) so here is an update of where we are at!

We have just got back from being out on site and I can now show you that the cedar sarking (which is the wood on the ceiling) has gone up, the under trailer insulation and corrugated iron has been attached and some of the lights have been installed!

The tiny house is having its wheels put back on and will be moved out of the warehouse tomorrow so that the second tiny house can start being built! Our tiny house will be parked outside the warehouse while Willem and I do the painting, staining and the finishing touches before the cabinetry can be installed. Exciting times!

We chose LED lights for all of our lights in the tiny house, mainly for their eco-friendly energy efficient-ness and the fact you don’t need to change the lightbulbs for 11+ years! So good.  But DID YOU ALSO KNOW that many bugs aren’t attracted to LED light?! That’s a definite bonus for those hot summer nights with all the windows open hey!

Getting the right lighting is a tough job. There is a lot more to it than I thought there was. We won’t know if we got it right until we live in the house. Directional lights, task lights, spot lights, wall lights, yellow light, white light! argh. Fingers crossed we have done it right.

I could have lived with a few less plug points, or at least a couple of them placed in better positions. It’s very hard to judge as no matter how I pictured the spaces in my head, once the ply walls went up it was only then that I could see that I had way over catered on plugs! Whoops. Better to have too many than not enough I suppose.

Willem and I went to the Home Show last weekend, we normally go as it is good for Willem to see all the new products that have come out which helps him in his job, but this year it was pretty exciting as we actually HAVE A HOUSE to buy things for! We ended up buying a tiny smoke alarm for our tiny house and that was it. I was quite disappointed at the lack of sustainable and small home solutions on offer. I was expecting a lot more. Small homes are becoming such a huge market, they could probably have their own ‘Small Home Show’ and be really successful. Imagine a show dedicated to small and sustainable homes… smarter storage, alternative building material, prefabs! I would gladly pay $24 each to go and see that.

Scroll down for some more photos from the past couple of weeks… enjoy x

Sarking waiting to go up


Admiring the handy work


Awesome detailing around the skylight! Builder Brenton’s got SKILLS!


Corrugated iron, insulation and building paper under the trailer


Lights and power box installed
Soon to be our lounge room



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