Toasty warm with insulation

A beautiful day and a beautiful house!

Hi guys!

We have 90% of the cladding on the house woo hoo! AND we have insulation in the walls which means that the ply can start going up! Our house is really taking shape now. The plumber was in today fitting the shower slide and mixer and installing the Rheem hot water system. The bathroom is nearly done!

We had some friends and family over to see the house on Saturday. My Dad, Nana Pat, my nephew Luca and Willem’s boss and his family came to have a look. The kids LOVED the house, I think they thought it was a giant tree house! It was lovely to see everyone’s surprise at how big the Tiny House feels and looks in person and how livable they think it will be.

Last week my boss was telling me that he has been busy renovating his house and when he took off one of the walls he found a time capsule behind it! A newspaper from 1915! I was telling Willem about it and we thought it was a great idea to put a time capsule in our Tiny House. Earlier that night on the news I had heard a reporter say that Auckland house prices were going to reach an average of $1 million dollars this month! It’s just so sad! I remember writing in this blog when the average house price was $500k. Willem and I decided we would buy a newspaper the next day with that $1 million headline on it and write a note to put in our walls saying that this is why we were building a Tiny House!

I wonder what the house prices will be like in Auckland when someone finds our note?

We are using Greenstuf for all our insulation. Greenstuf is made by an awesome New Zealand company called Autex. They manufacture the insulation using a minimum of 45% recycled PET plastics (our old coke and milk bottles) plus it is also recyclable at the end of it’s life. Watch a cool video about how it is made here. We are using a Greenstuf acoustic range for the study and bathroom to help reduce noise from those areas. Very handy if one of us are showering while the other is sleeping above and definitely needed if we end up having a baby in the Tiny House.

We are going to meet Nikki Morris from Resene very soon to talk with her about colour and curtain choices for our Tiny House! We are SO excited about this! Willem and I are now thinking about the look of the interior and we are narrowing it down to two different styles. We are so thankful to be able to sit down with a professional colour consultant, Nikki will have some wonderful ideas about how we can best use colour and textures for our small space.

Enjoy the photos from this week! Spring is so close, there are lambs on the farm now! x

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