Cladding and electricity


Hey there!

Another big week! The cladding has started to go up! The roofing is half done, the windows and doors are all in, the flooring is all laid and the electrician has wired up most of the house!

We went out to see the house last night so we could drop the oven off. We got to climb up in the sleeping loft and see everything that had been done on the house over the last week.

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We had a mishap with the shower. We ended up having to order a different size as the waste hole for the shower tray was sitting right above a steel beam on the trailer and we couldn’t find another tray that would work. Willem sorted it all out though we were able to swap it for a 760×900, which cost the same amount. Luckily that one fits!

We ordered our Paulownia (very hard to spell and even harder to pronounce!) lightweight ply for all the interior walls. We ended up saving so much money on this just by shopping around and ended up ordering it from Hamilton! We are using this ply instead of GIB board as GIB is too heavy.

This ply is pretty amazing actually and it is very popular for building tiny houses and boats. It is the lightest known timber other than balsa. It has high strength-to-weight ratio. Low shrinkage. High stability. Resistant to insect damage. Resistant to rot and is great for thermal conductivity. It is also the premiere wood for making surfboards as it is light, strong and absorbs less salt water than many other types of wood. PLUS it has a very small environmental impact. So we are picking that up on Saturday and next week the interior walls will start going up!

We ordered our toilet. After looking into many different ideas for a toilet (and there are many!) We decided to buy a Separett villa 9010 toilet from Lewis Gray in Albany. We had seen a tiny house video of a house on Waiheke Island and the owner had highly recommended it, then we saw the toilet at a stand at the RV show in Auckland a while back and heard the sales spiel about it. It is EXPENSIVE! … $2.5k! I still can’t believe we paid this for a toilet – I would have expected to be able to drive around on it with it costing that much! But it does have some great advantages…

  1. Firstly, it looks like a regular toilet.
  2. It needs emptying a lot less than a composting toilet does
  3. It is called a dehydrating toilet, it gets rid of all the moisture by using a fan to move air around which also helps get rid of any odour, plus it also means you don’t need to pay money to install a bathroom fan.
  4. It is really easy to use!

We will see how it runs once we move in!

We are having a roof shout for everyone involved with the build this Saturday as the roof will be finished by then, so i’ll have some photos from that next week!

Here are the photos from this week. Enjoy  x

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