My cardboard tiny house!

We took Friday off work and went away to my friends bach in Ohakune for a nice, long, relaxing weekend away. We really needed the break and we tried to not think about the tiny house for a bit. It was just what the Doctor ordered!

When I got back to work on Monday (which was my birthday) my workmates had decorated my desk and built me a tiny house out of cardboard! It was SO amazing! I had a pathway to the ‘house’, a front door, window with flowers, a chimney, curtains and even a TOILET!! (made from a bucket!) – which I thought was very fitting! haha

I loved it! They obviously didn’t have much work to do on Friday! But I work with some brilliantly creative people at Healthy Food Guide, and I can just imagine how this idea of ‘hey let’s build Kate a tiny house for her birthday’ would have very quickly escalated to a full on replica of my tiny house! haha!

I had to crawl in and out of the door every time I wanted to leave my desk which was hilarious.

Thank you SO much you guys, it really made my day special!

Enjoy the photos! x

Do you like my pathway!
Front door
Home sweet TINY home
My bucket toilet complete with toilet paper!
I had to crawl through the door every time I wanted to leave my desk!

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