Tiny gets water and gas



We’ve just finished a weekend of working on tiny house jobs.

My dad and sister came out to see the tiny house yesterday for the first time. They loved it! It was great that they could come to see it, as you really can’t gage the scale of the tiny house well from photos until your standing in front of it. They helped us by painting the two cavity sliding doors while Willem and I oiled the under side of the flooring to protect it. We had planned on oiling the top of the floor this weekend but Brenton decided that it is best to do at the end once the loft floor has been laid. We also managed to get through cutting half of our insulation in half so it now fits our wall size. That was easier than I thought it would be! The man we talked to from Greenstuf lent us a knife to use that cuts through the insulation like butter!

On Saturday we went to a bathroom factory sale and bought our tap, basin, shower and shower fittings. And we also went to the lighting shop to choose some of our lights.

This week the builders have added the rafters and made a space for the Velux roof window to be installed in the loft area. The roof window will be awesome – we will be able to see the stars while lying in bed at night! And they have finished the majority of the framing.

Our plumber Mike has come in and nearly finished all the plumbing and the gas fitting!

Jason, our roofer has come to measure up the roof so we can now place our order and get that installed.

We have to get started ordering the kitchen and all the house cabinetry so that will be this week’s job! Exciting!

Enjoy the photos and see you next week!

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