Wow, just like that two weeks have gone by, it is August and our tiny house is now taking shape!

A lot has happened on the build over the last two weeks. The builders, Brenton and Tom, have been doing some big hours and it is so amazing seeing our house take shape from the plans! It’s awesome for Willem as he designed it and thought about every single detail for so long!

Our last post was about us staining the cedar weatherboards…

…Now, we are here!

Our tiny house – flooring and framing


So much timber will be involved in this build. The warehouse smells wonderful with all our material orders showing up! Soon all those cedar weather boards from TimSpec will be on, our Lawson Cypress ridge beam is now up! The Macrocarpa flooring was laid last week and our cedar panelling from Herman Pacific will be the icing on the tiny house.

All that beautiful timber!


Laying the flooring…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have chosen to stain the flooring with a product called Osmo Polyx – Oil. It combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes into one product. It is resistant to dirt, water and abrasion. Plus, it seems pretty easy to apply. We will see this weekend when we go to stain! We are going to stain the underside of the floor boards too to give the wood extra protection. We chose to tint the floor with an Osmo tint called Amber which is a lovely mid brown that will complement the cedar well, then we will give it a coat of Osmo transparent gloss over the top to give it a beautiful shine. We have been testing it out on some waste wood as you can see in the photo below.

Getting inspiration… Small houses are taking over!


We chose our bathroom floor tiles! This took quite a while to decide! We fell in love with the Retro wood look tiles from Tile Warehouse. We are mixing the grey (Cendra) with the black (Negre) for a cool rustic look. You can see a few of them in this pic above in the grey and black behind the HOME magazine. You can’t tell from this pic but they have a lovely subtle glint of copper colour in them! As the bathroom is such a small space we only needed to order 2 square meters and we got them half price through Willem’s work. We are going to be tackling the tiling on the tiny house ourselves to learn a few skills and to save some cash! We also have some white subway tiles going up behind the oven so there is a fair bit of tiling to do.

I had been scouring trade me for ages trying to find second hand cavity sliding doors for the house. We needed extra slim ones as we have a 70mm stud not a normal 90mm, so they proved hard to come across. Buying them new they cost around $360 per slider (that’s the cheaper end of the scale), then on top of that you have to buy the door and the hardware AND we needed two of them! The amount of usable space you save by not having swinging doors is huge though and I think the decision to install them will definitely pay off. I did manage to find the best deal for new ones though and I got a real bargain on the hardware – $1 for two lockable handles from trademe! Normally $40 each. Score!

I initially wanted to find some lovely wooden recycled doors for the sliders that had a bit of character, and we did hunt around for them! We went to the local demolition yard which was like recycled wood DIY heaven! But the weight of those doors were so heavy and it would have been ridiculous for a tiny house. Plus, refurbishing them would have been extra work. We went back to The Door Shed where we got the cavity sliders from and we got two hollow core doors which have a subtle panelling on them that will match our kitchen cupboards and we got both of them for $80. Can’t go wrong!

Just dreaming about number plates! haha

‘TINY’ wasn’t available. I imagine the owner of the TINY plate to be a big man driving a very small car. OR a gangster car. ALL BOSS LIKE. (argh forgive me its 11.30pm!) $1049 though – seriously?! Maybe one day when I am rich from living in a tiny house…



When we saw the house last weekend the builders were just starting to lay the flooring. Two days later, Shaye messaged me with a photo of the houses’ progress showing that some of the walls had gone up… I think you can tell from my message below that I was very excited. It was very emotional seeing the shape of the house.

I am trying to absorb every part of this build as it will be finished in such a short amount of time. It’s such a once in a lifetime experience! I love getting to see photos of it. I can imagine for the many people who build their own tiny homes it would be so much more special being a part of every stage.



Seeing the person standing next to the house bottom left gives you a good perspective on the size of the house.

Slideshow of the walls going up…


Till next week! Wish us luck staining the floor!

Kate x


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