It’s happening!

The trailer has arrived! At the moment this is the only picture we have of it until we can go up and have a look at it on our builders property next week. One tiny house trailer for us and another tiny house trailer for a lady named Gay from Taupo


It’s so exciting that all I want to do is take our tent up and camp out next to our trailer for a couple of days just to look at it and imagine what it soon will turn in to!

Your house will last as long as your trailer does so don’t skimp! It will be the most expensive part of your house but essentially it is your foundation so it is the most important part. You can order your tiny house trailer through Shaye here 

Our builder is building two tiny houses at the same time. The other one is for a lady named Gay from Taupo. It will be great seeing both of them progress beside each other and we will post photos of the build very soon! We have been given an official start date of July 11! One week’s time! Yay!


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