Bargain hunting

We have been scouring Trade Me trying to find things for the house. I am a bargain hunter and love a good deal!

We were lucky enough to find some crown head nails that we needed for the cedar cladding for $100, they retail for about $250 so that was a great find. The lady was selling them as they were left over from a house that she had just finished building.

We bought our futon bed and bed base almost brand new from Trade Me for $310, which saved us $800!

We found all the vehicle grade natural pavers that we need for the back yard on Trade Me for well under half the price, saving us $400.

We got quotes on our cedar cladding, panelling and our macrocarpa flooring then tried to find it all cheaper.

I found a lovely man from Tauranga selling macrocarpa T&G flooring for a third less than what you get if for in Auckland and he could deliver it in two weeks time.

Our cedar cladding ended up being the cheapest coming from a sawmill in Christchurch. Shopping around really pays off. You also save so much money if you stain it yourself!

Some people are incredibly generous when you share your dreams of building your first home with them.

The first thing we ever bought for our house was actually the oven! It is an Indesit brand, it is the smallest completely gas run oven we could find. The Doris Jean tiny house has the stainless steel version installed so we knew it was a good buy. We bought it because they were becoming hard to come by and the shop sold us the floor model for a better price. Tiny house kitchens are usually made with 500 deep bench tops to help save space. A normal kitchen is 600 deep, so finding an oven that will sit flush with the tiny cabinets is great!

We don’t even have the trailer let alone any WALLS, but mums garage is now stuffed with insulation bales thanks to Willem’s nice boss who sold it to us after they had finished renovating the company offices.



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